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Coil Pack Rack - Single Plug

Coil Pack Rack - Single Plug

  • $78.00

When converting the Porsche 930 3.3L engine to EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection), it becomes necessary to have proper mounting of ignition and fuel injection components.

With extensive history of EFI conversion, TurboKraft has developed a simple and convenient way to mount your Bosch ignition coils, igniter modules, map sensor, relays and fuel pressure regulator on one compact, lightweight assembly.  This assembly is 3D designed, optimized and CNC machined from billet aluminum alloy for the ultimate form and function. 

- Fast, easy and effective mounting solution for coils and related hardware
- Modular design intent for accessibility and service
- Utilizes the original CIS rubber isolation mounts for vibration protection
- Preserves proper access to the throttle linkage
- Available for single and twin plug ignition systems

Porsche 930 / 964 Turbo: All models with original equipment, Magnesium intake manifold.

We have systems for both Bosch double and triple coil packs

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