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Niresist Ring Set 964/993

  • $398.00

These CNC-machined high-nickel stainless steel rings provide a reliable interlocking seal between the cylinders and heads. 
Should the cylinder head lift slightly under combustion, the ring is a barrier against the combustion gas leaking out and damaging (melting) the machined sealing surfaces of the cylinder and head.

Applicable to both high compression non-turbo and elevated boost turbocharged engines, the concept dates back to the Porsche 935 race cars that ran much higher boost pressures than street engines, and required a reliable sealing solution.  These were also referred to as Flame Ring, Le Mans Ring and 935 Head Rings.

Application requires precision machining grooves into the cylinders and heads.  TurboKraft offer this service – please contact us for current pricing and turn-around times.


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