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Rocker Shaft Seal Set : Porsche Motorsport

Rocker Shaft Seal Set : Porsche Motorsport

  • $69.00

Porsche Motorsport 911 Rocker Shaft Seal Set

This set originally developed by Porsche Motorsport for use on the racing 911 RSR models.  The set makes an excellent upgrade for all 911 engines experiencing oil leaks originating from the cam tower areas.  Application involves simply installing the special seals on each end of the rocker shafts.  These shafts have grooves that the seal rides in. 

We highly recommend using these seals with our Rocker Shaft Lock Set on all 911 engine builds 1966-1994.

Please Note: Because we manufacture the Rocker Shaft Lock Sets, we purchase these seals in bulk volumes, enabling us to offer an excellent cost advantage.  Wholesale inquiries welcome.

1 Set = 24 Seals   *Less than $2.88 each!

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