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RS Semi-Solid Transmission Mount Kit

RS Semi-Solid Transmission Mount Kit

  • $165.00

RS Semi-Solid Transmission Mount
Vehicles experiencing a clunking noise when shifting gears could be experiencing the effects of a degraded transmission suspension mount.  These mounts located in the transaxle tail housing are designed to suppress powertrain movements during load reversals and judder.  The TurboKraft semi-solid type mounts are designed to directly replace the original mounts. These new mounts have a firm, Sport/Cup feel and are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle. Ideal for use with high performance street, Sport/Cup or RSR motorsport applications. 

CNC machined lightweight billet aluminum alloy and hard anodized.  Includes complete hardware and installation instructions. 

¬     High quality urethane bushings – optimized firmness
¬     Simple installation with no press required
¬     Reduced cost to that of the original equipment Porsche part
¬     Lifetime warranty

Installation Notes:
One extra set of holes are drilled and tapped into the bushing housings to allow a simple synch down installation.

Customer Comments:

Subject: feedback - tranny mount


I’ve now done my first track session with the semi solid tranny mount I bought from you earlier this year. The quality and fitment of the mount was really good!

It worked out exactly as I wanted. The engine feels a bit tighter (I have the RS engine mounts) than before, and shifting in bends and under load is a little easier than before. Now there’s no resistance at all in the shift lever. There’s a little more sound on vibrations on low revs and under load, but nothing disturbing!

So overall, I’m a happy customer!


Stockholm, Swede

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