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AEM Engine Management System (EMS) (Multiple Versions)

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Switch to AEM's Engine Management System (EMS) to control your Porsche's engine. 
AEM's well known ECU and software are ideal to unleash the potential in your Porsche!

All AEM systems are fully unlocked -- you never have to pay for additional features or functions!  Software is user-friendly and free to download from

AEM Series 2:  ideal for most street-driven cars, conventional injector duty cycle based tuning.  Low profile makes for easy installation under seat.

AEM Infinity 5:  modern high-speed processor and VE-based tuning with advanced tuning functions.  Excellent for street and DE/track cars.

AEM Infinity 7:  modern high-speed processor and VE-based tuning with advanced tuning functions and many input/output channels.  Ideal for complex street cars and racecars.

Also available:  complete conversion packages with plug-and play engine harnesses, sensors, injectors, conversion hardware... all custom-built to match your vehicle to the new EMS!  Contact us for your customized quote.


Series 2 Features:

  • Sequential injection and ignition control:
    Up to 12 peak and hold injector drivers, up to 8 direct-fire coil outputs
  • Up to 16 general-purpose outputs, up to 8 definable switch inputs
  • Lambda control, 2 channels (ex: left + right)
  • Up to 4 EGT inputs with fuel trim
  • Electronic boost control
  • Full idle control
  • Software definable knock control, 2 channels (ex: left + right)
  • Programmable traction control
  • Two step launch control
  • User configurable soft-cut rev limiters
  • Wet or dry nitrous control
  • 1MB of internal logging
  • Context sensitive help eases tuning process
  • Maps can be password protected by the tuner to prevent unauthorized usage or sharing
  • Runs on Windows-compatible software
  • Tune using new USB communication port or serial port
  • Works with all AEM gauges



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