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RS Solid Fan Drive Hub   [Genuine Porsche]

RS Solid Fan Drive Hub [Genuine Porsche]

  • $210.00

Fan Drive Hub : Solid RS Type

The solid RS type drive hub updates the original bearing hub and dual belt assembly to a simpler, single belt system.  This under-drives the alternator and allows the engine’s air cooling impeller to operate at the same speed for increased engine efficiency.  Ideal use for performance engines running with higher RPM.  The original equipment fan hub features a wearable bearing allowing the alternator and fan operate at independent speeds.  The increased alternator speed is intended to produce additional current for electronic accessories.  Lightweight 3D CNC machined billet aluminum alloy.  Includes stud hardware.

- Higher alternator output may assist street models with additional electronic accessories.  Recommended for performance use. 

964 Carrera : All 
965 Turbo : All
993 Carrera : All
993 Turbo : All

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