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930/911 Turbo Headers with Heat Exchangers

  • $3,995.00
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930/911Turbo Headers with Heat Exchangers

321-alloy stainless steel, 304ss heater boxes
(available without heat exchanger boxes -- deduct $450.)

If you're looking for the best-performing non-custom headers for your 911 Turbo, look no further.  We thoroughly test and evaluate all products on the dyno and road, and these headers consistently out-perform all others on the market. 

Successfully used on engines making up to 600hp at the wheels.

*** Note:  currently out of stock, typical lead time is 6 weeks ***

Shown with included TK Standard Installation Kit:  no additional charge

  • Oil Drip Accumulator (ODA)  
  • Braided Stainless Oil Scavenge Line with -8AN/M18 Metric Aluminum Adapter
  • Braided Stainless/Teflon Engine-to-Thermostat Oil Line with Metric Fittings
  • Header Installation Wrench
  • Installation Hardware
    Headers & Wastegate - M8 washers & M8 reduced-hex copper locknuts
    Turbocharger & Muffler - M10 stainless bolts & M10 reduced-hex copper locknuts
  • Installation Gaskets  all OEM gaskets, no leaky stamped fiber gaskets 
      6x  Header flange gaskets
      1x  Turbocharger exhaust inlet gasket
      1x  Turbocharger oil inlet gasket (small green)
      1x  Turbocharger oil drain gasket (larger gray)
      2x  Muffler inlet gaskets (turbocharger outlet)
      2x  Wastegate inlet/outlet gaskets

Need something special, additional customization?
Because we have worked closely with the manufacturer for over 18 years, we can provide you with additional header options, such as:
* larger or smaller tubing sizes -- for larger or smaller displacement engines
* T04 flange
* twin-scroll with dual wastegates
* 3-piece, e.g. removable secondary pipes
* 934-style center-mount turbo
Call or email to discuss your needs!

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