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930 Lightweight Clutch Adapter Kit

930 Lightweight Clutch Adapter Kit

  • $420.00

Clutch Adapter Kit 
This adapter set enables the use of a lightweight, "low profile" aluminum clutch pressure plates to be used on the 1978-88 Porsche 930 / 911 Turbo cars originally equipped with the 930 4-speed transaxle.  These pressure plates offer reduced rotating mass for faster engine acceleration and better shifting, as well as increased clamp strength to safely hold more torque.

The Porsche 930, 4-Speed Transaxle Clutch System - Model Years: 1978 to 1988

The 930 transaxles found on the road going models were originally equipped with a rubber center hub clutch disc that offered smoother, quieter street driving.  The rubber hub feature required a deeper bell housing and pressure plate cover be used.  The pressure plate was cast iron and was heavy enough to overcome the engine's lack of torque at low RPMs and allow for effortless acceleration from a stop with minimal throttle input.
More luxury than performance.
Unfortunately, this heavy plate and disc also greatly increased rotational mass, thus reducing engine acceleration performance, requiring slower gear shifts; and also had limited torque capacity before it would fail.

930-116-021-03 = Pressure Plate                    930-116-049-14 = Rubber Hub Disc
  Weight:  24.8lb  (11.27kg)                               Weight:  6.24lb  (2.84kg)

The "Lower Profile" & Sprung Hub Disc - Model Years: 1976 to 1977

The 1976-77 Porsche 3.0L Turbo Carrera  models were equipped with low  profile pressure plates and spring center clutch discs.  These parts represent the base version of the three low profile clutch systems that are adaptable to the later model Turbos. 
These 3.0L Turbo pressure plates are adaptable to the later models, but offer limited clamping force and are suitable only for all-stock or very lightly modified engine applications.
For performance applications, we recommend and install higher clamping strength ZF Sachs parts.

Included Adapter Parts:

 Starter Ring Gear Spacer Adapter
The lightweight aluminum ring gear spacer is offsets the original starter ring gear to the correct installed position, allowing it and hardware to be reused.  This part is 3D designed and CNC machined from aluminum alloy.  Suitable for street or motorsport use.

Release Bearing Extension Adapter
This part Installs into the original equipment release bearing assembly providing proper offsetting of the release bearing ears to engage with the clutch fork.   The original bearing's center collar assembly is simply replaced with this unit and secured with the original snap ring.  This part is 3D designed and CNC machined of heat-treated steel alloy.  Suitable for street or motorsport use.

Sport / Lightweight Pressure Plate Options:
TurboKraft prefer to use Genuine ZF Sachs components for this adapter kit. ZF Sachs offers several original equipment applications as well as SRE (Sachs Race Engineering) Performance & Racing clutch systems.
Proper part application and disc thickness is important. Please contact us with any questions or for a current estimate.


ZF Sachs Performance                                                  
PN: 88 3082 999 594
Clutch Pressure Plate:  application used for "Ruf" 5-speed transaxles
Lightweight Aluminum cover.
Higher clamping strength than original 1976-77 3.0L Turbo Carrera pressure plate
Weight: 11.20 Lbs.  (5.09kg)
Uses standard 930 release bearing (sold separately)

NOTE:  Suitable for most high performance Porsche 930 Turbos

ZF Sachs Performance
PN: 88 3082 999 574
Clutch Pressure Plate:  application used for 934-935 Type race cars
Lightweight aluminum cover
Highest clamping strength of any pull-type clutch -- small increase in pedal effort
* Requires special thin disc *
Weight: 11.95 Lbs.  (5.43kg)
(Includes release bearing)

NOTE:  Recommended for very high power (torque) Porsche 930 Turbos

Please contact us with your specific application details for further parts advice and an estimate.


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