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930 High Performance Long-Neck Intercooler Package

  • $2,400.00

Now Available, the direct bolt-in, high-efficiency long-neck intercooler package capable of increased cooling, airflow, and performance for the 1978-1989 Porsche 930 Turbo.  
No modifications are necessary to the original factory air conditioning system.

The "Long-Neck" Style Intercooler:
Long-Neck term refers to an intercooler outlet tube connecting directly to the throttle body.  The Long-Neck style intercoolers delete the original equipment air by-pass valve system (also known as the shuttle valve).
This is the same efficient layout used on the 930-S and 964 Turbos.

The Diverter Valve Systems:
These large and heavy systems were found on the 1978-89 930 Turbo models and were later updated / removed by the factory on subsequent 964 Turbos. The housings were an intermediate component between the intercooler and the intake manifold.  The assembly serves to recirculate pressure back into the turbo's intake circuit when the throttle body is closed.  It does this with a vacuum-actuated piston, compression spring and plastic seals.  These wearable components are often the cause of common drivability problems and lethargic engine response.  Input ports for the boost gauge and over-boost sensors are also referenced on this assembly. 

The newer 1991-94 964 Turbo models featured long-neck intercoolers and were updated to a less complicated, compact lightweight nylon boost recirculation valve.  Engine sensors were located in the intercooler outlet tank.  
The TurboKraft intercooler similarly converts to the long-neck configuration and incorporates the newer style boost recirculation valves.   This greatly improves drivability with to throttle lag off the line, and sharpened boost response further enabling the turbocharger to spool up quicker and stay spooled during gear shifts.


Factory Original Intercooler Specs:
12.0" Width x 2.24: Thick (57mm)
Weight: 12.6 Lbs. (5.8 kg)
Produced by Längerer & Reich of Stuttgart, Germany

Factory Original Boost By-pass Valve System Specs:
Weight: 6.6 lbs. 3.0 kg



TurboKraft Intercooler Specs:
17.0" Width x 8.0" Depth x 4.5" Thick (431.8W x 203.2D 114.30T mm)
Heat transfer cooling area: 650 CI
Weight: 18.0 Lbs. (8.2 kg)
Produced by TurboKraft, Inc. of Phoenix, Arizona, USA



Customer Comments:
"TurboKraft's 930 intercoolers are very nicely made and deliver excellent performance"
Jeff Gamroth of RothSport Racing | January 20

TurboKraft Long-Neck Intercooler Features:
- A true Long-Neck style intercooler replacing both the factory intercooler and boost by-pass housing
- Motorsport-quality aluminum alloy cooling cores providing significant reduction of intake charge air temperatures and increased airflow.
- Fabrication by a certified TIG welding specialist
- Each unit is built and tested in a certified fixture ensuring factory-like fitment
- Triple supports provide secure mounting and sealing 
- Each unit is flushed, pressure tested and certified to ensure no leaks
- Air tubes are fabricated from aluminum similar to original factory equipment
- CNC machined throttle-body connection ensuring positive fitment and no leaks
- Provisions for all factory original hose and port connections
- Fully compatible with original equipment air conditioning systems, no modification required
- Complete and proper hardware included for direct replacement

Design notes:
This system design is the result of years of installation experience and performance testing of other brands on the market.  Other systems routinely fell short of our standards and offered less-than-optimal results.  Instead of forcing the "make it work situation" and dealing with problems of poor function and fitment, we decided to produce our own design.  These intercoolers are constructed entirely with lightweight sheet aluminum alloy instead of using cheaper and heavier cast aluminum inlet and outlet tanks that can heat-soak.  We believe you will find the craftsmanship of utmost quality and the TurboKraft intercooler package is one of superb fitment and performance.  Guaranteed.

Finish Options:
These production intercoolers are delivered in as-fabricated aluminum unless you specify a preference at the time of order.  We offer two additional finish options:  satin black coating ($200) and polishing ($300). 
Satin black coated finish is our most requested optional finish, giving the intercooler a more OEM appearance.  

Please feel free to contact us for other options.

Shipping notes: 
This system is securely packaged in an oversized box lined with 2in (5cm) of high-density foam on all sides for protection.  Package dimensions are 24in x 18in x 14in (61cm x 46cm x 36cm).  
Dimensional weight shipping rates apply:  44lb (FedEx or UPS) and 37lb (USPS).

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