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911 Turbo EFI Full-Width Intercooler Package

  • $3,300.00

Now Available:  Full-Width intercooler package for EFI-equipped 911 Turbos.  
Featuring greatly increased surface area for additional charge air cooling, airflow, and performance for the 1976-94 Porsche 911 Turbo.  

Package includes:
- intercooler assembly with mounts
- inlet & outlet charge pipes 
- couplers with stainless clamps
- mounting hardware

Sample dyno results, gains over Andial/Garretson 930-S intercooler:  
  +43 horsepower and 
+37 torque to the wheels 
  maximum boost 250rpm earlier
Test car:  3.4L EFI 930 with typical bolt-on upgrades (headers, muffler, turbo, cams)
Not for use with original CIS fuel injection.


Full-Width Intercooler Features:
- Fully engineered bolt-on intercooler package for your 911 Turbo, no additional fabrication required for installation
- Supports 600hp at the wheels / over 650hp flywheel continuously
  (factory 964 Turbo intercooler struggles at 450whp, heat soaks at 470whp)
- All necessary sensor and hose connections located in throttle body pipe -- no need to disconnect wires or vacuum lines to remove & reinstall intercooler
- Motorsport-quality aluminum alloy cooling cores providing significant reduction of intake charge air temperatures and increased airflow
- Fabrication by a certified TIG welding specialist
- Each unit is built and tested in a certified fixture ensuring factory-like fitment
- Triple supports provide secure mounting and sealing 
- Each unit is flushed, pressure tested and certified to ensure no leaks
- Air tubes are fabricated from aluminum similar to original factory equipment
- CNC machined throttle-body connection ensuring positive fitment and no leaks
- Customization available:  special sensor/hose ports, etc...


1.  Finish: Intercoolers are delivered in raw as-fabricated brushed aluminum unless you specify a preference at the time of order.  
Satin black ceramic finish is our most requested optional finish, giving the intercooler a more OEM appearance. 
We offer expert coating and polishing services at an additional cost.  Please allow 3-4 weeks additional. 
Other finish options available upon special request. 
2.  Couplers:  Intercooler packages come with reinforced black silicone couplers and OEM stainless clamps. 
Upgraded aluminum quick-disconnect couplers do not require tools to open or latch, and are available at an additional cost . 
3.  Intake Manifold:  Intercoolers versions configured for either the original Turbo "flat" intake manifold + throttle body, or for engines fitted with the tall 1984-89 Carrera 3.2L intake manifold + throttle body. 


Factory Original Intercooler Specifications: 

1976-77 3.0 Turbo Carrera:  n/a  (not intercooled)
1978-89 3.3L 930 / 911 Turbo:  11" x 11.5" x 2.25"  (28 x 29.2 x 5.7cm)
1991-94 C2 Turbo / Turbo 3.6:  22.75" x 8" x 2.625"  (28 x 29.2 x 5.7cm)

TurboKraft Full-Width Intercooler Specs:
Dimensions:  26.0" Width x 12.0" Depth x 3.00" Thick  (66.0 x 30.5 x 7.6cm)
Heat transfer cooling area:  over 3x larger than 3.3 Turbo, almost 2x the C2T 
Surface area:  almost 2.5x larger than 3.3 Turbo, 70% larger than C2T


Installation Notes:
1.  Compatible with factory optioned air conditioning (M559/M573).
* The original air conditioning condenser must be removed from the rear wing for additional clearance.  It may be relocated to the left rear fender, or replaced with an upgraded aftermarket assembly for better cooling.  
* No changes to the compressor are necessary.
2.  1976-77 Turbo Carreras require a 1978-89 rear wing to accommodate the intercooler.
3.  DOES NOT clear the optional rear windshield wiper motor (option code M425) -- the wiper and motor must be removed, and the factory blanking plug installed (#999-703-169-40)


Shipping notes: 
This system is securely packaged in an oversized box lined with 2in (5cm) of high density foam on all sides for protection.  Dimensional weight shipping rates apply:  81lb (FedEx or UPS) and 68lb (USPS).

Due to the car being retrofitted with engine management, most intercoolers are semi-custom-made to the client's specifications, i.e. fitted with ports for non-standard sensors, and are usually non-refundable.

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