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Carrera Intake Manifold Adapter Set

Carrera Intake Manifold Adapter Set

  • $390.00

TurboKraft Carrera Manifold Adapter Sets are designed for simply adap the 911 Carrera 3.2L intake manifold to the 930 Turbo engine. 

With an intake runner port size of 41.5mm, the 911 Carrera manifolds make an excellent choice for high-performance engines requiring additional airflow as part of an EFI conversion.

Turbo cylinder head ports are only 32mm inside diameter. 

If you attempt to use a factory 3.2 Carrera intake insulator and gaskets, you'll find the I.D. of the gasket protrudes outside of the heads' intake flange, causing a vacuum leak.  

TurboKraft's adapter set creates a positive sealing solution for Turbo heads, while providing a smooth airflow transition from 41.5mm down to 32mm.
Additionally, our adapters incorporate a stepped mounting surface for proper clearance of the Turbo engine fan shroud. 

No more removing the heads for welding and re-machining, or cutting the (discontinued) Turbo fan shroud to clear the Carrera manifold.

TurboKraft’s insulator blocks are machined from Phenolic, a lightweight, wear- and heat-resistant material for long life 

The adapter system comes with everything necessary to properly mount the Carrera manifold to any 911 Turbo model engine 1976-1994. 


  • Directly replaces original 3.2L insulator blocks
  • Matched machined tapered bore for 41.5mm manifold to standard 32mm heads 
  • Machined with injector clearance pocket at the proper 3.2 manifold angle
  • Ideal for recently rebuild 911 Turbo engines converting to EFI – cylinder head removal not necessary for Carrera conversion
  • Stepped mounting surface for proper sealing to Turbo air shroud – as found on 930 CIS insulator blocks
  • Proper size gaskets included for no vacuum leaks
  • Complete bolt-on set with all OE quality hardware included


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