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CIS Injector Blocks

  • $495.00

TurboKraft's CIS Injector Blocks replace the stock plastic CIS fuel injector holders that are known to warp and crack -- especially when ported for more airflow.  New phenolic insulator blocks are included to prevent heat soak from the cylinder heads into the injector bodies.  Combined, they are a direct fit replacement for the stock plastic units. 

TK CIS Injector Blocks are CNC-machined from billet 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy, and available in any bore size from 32mm up to 42mm. The stock plastic blocks cannot be ported beyond 36mm, and even then, they can blow out under boost.  TurboKraft's CIS Injector Blocks solve this problem -- permanently.

6x  Billet CIS Injector Blocks
6x  Phenolic Insulators
12x  Intake Manifold Gaskets 
6x  Copper Crush Washers for Injectors

Standard bore sizes:
  32mm = all standard 911 Turbos, from 1975 3.0L Turbo Carrera to 1994 Turbo 3.6
  36mm = some factory "Turbo S" models
  38mm = popular for high output and/or large displacement Turbo engines
  40mm = internal diameter of factory CIS intake manifold gaskets 
  41.5mm = 1984-89 3.2L Carrera, for 930s running Carrera heads with CIS injection

If you require a non-standard size, select "Other" and email us your desired bore size, or leave a comment at checkout.

Allow additional time for non-stock bore sizes and/or Mil-spec anodizing.

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