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Coil On Plug Ignition (COP)

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These are the COPs used on in-house engine builds running EFI. 

We selected these Denso coils because of their:
1.  very high spark energy -- good enough for over 750whp on the Dynapack chassis dyno on an air-cooled 911, and over 40psi boost on water-cooled racing engines without blowing out the spark
2.  excellent fit -- good seal to the valve covers, and low profile to make spark plug service in the car easy 
3.  extreme reliability -- unlike other manufacturer's coils that need regular replacement (BMW, VW/Audi), or replacement for performance application (996/997), coils on Toyota/Lexus engines have a reputation for lasting a long time and enduring the punishment of racing

These are "smart" coils, so the ignition driver is built in; no external ignition module/amplifier is required.  Each coil receives +12V, Ground, and an ignition trigger  directly from the ECU.

Fits:  911, 930, 964
Does not fit 993 - interferes with the power steering belt

Although a tight fit onto the spark plug, we still prefer hold the coils firmly in place using the classic RSR-style tabs (shown, sold separately).   It is a classic 911 look, and means you don't have to bolt on yet another adapter, or purchase expensive custom billet valve covers. 
The original mounting tab is removed when RSR tabs are used.

The stock mounting tab can be retained if you think it's helpful.

Priced per coil (1x).

Connector kit (shown) sold separately.

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