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Cylinders : LN Engineering        (Multiple Versions)

Cylinders : LN Engineering (Multiple Versions)

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TurboKraft is proud to offer LN Engineering's Nickies™

The ultimate cylinders for your powerful & reliable air-cooled engine.  It is not always that you hear high performance and long life paired together, especially when referring to performance air-cooled engines. It is very typical, even with high-powered cooling systems, that high performance engines run too hot, and as you know heat kills!  Higher operating temperatures result in a thermally overloaded engine that, among other things, has cylinders that fail to seal against the head and have significantly shorter life spans versus stock displacement engines.

Nickies™ make the difference and rule legal in SCCA as replacement cylinders.

Nikasil-plated, CNC billet, solid aluminum Nickies™ provide:
- Significantly reduced head temperatures
- Increased horsepower (dyno proven!)
- Significantly reduced cylinder wear and increased ring life
- Superior oiling (Nikasil is oleophilic i.e. oil-liking)
- Precision made for a direct fit
- Reduced friction and tighter skirt clearances
- Use stock factory cooling tin and systems
- Cylinders can be re-honed or re-plated at a fraction of the original price
- Optimal material and design for use with and extended life from JE Pistons
- Reduced engine weight
- Custom bore sizes and thick-wall cylinders available in any bore size
- Lifetime warranty on plating for Nickies™, provided by Millennium Technologies!
- Cylinders are provided without provisions for sealing rings or o-rings to allow for customer and engine builder preference

TurboKraft has extensive experience with LN Engineering products.  Please contact us for professional application details and pricing.

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