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EFI Injector Blocks v2.0

  • $1,500.00

A complete re-design of the EFI Injector Block. 

TurboKraft's EFI Injector Blocks v2.0 make it easier than ever to convert any 1976-94 Turbo to modern EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection).  

Upgrades from the original EFI Injector Blocks include:
* captive phenolic insulator that cannot warp and leak
* optimized injector angle -- works with modern injectors with wider spray cone angles for excellent low speed and part-throttle driveability 
* individual injector blocks -- easier to install over intake studs that are never perfectly parallel
* multiple 6ORB fuel rail ports -- options for connecting fuel lines on ends of rails, or beneath to clear A/C compressor

They have been tested on numerous 911 Turbo engines making between 350-600 horsepower at the rear wheels.

Why use EFI Injector Blocks?

Using your existing 911 Turbo cylinder heads & intake manifold yields much faster throttle response than the much more complicated Carrera manifold conversion – and costs a lot less, too.  Installing our EFI Injector Blocks requires none of the custom head porting & intercooler fabrication that fitting a Carrera manifold requires.

Package includes:
* Billet aluminum EFI Injector Blocks
* Cylinder head insulator blocks & gaskets
* Billet aluminum fuel rails with -6AN ports
* Billet aluminum fuel rail mounts
* Fuel injector retaining clips

TurboKraft inventories EFI Injector Blocks in the two most commonly requested sizes:  32mm and 38mm I.D. (bore).
Custom bore sizes up to 42mm ID are also available, including tapered bores, for an additional cost.

Examples of straight bore sizes:
- 32mm = the standard intake port diameter for all production 911 Turbos 1976-1994
- 36mm = standard for the 1994 Turbo S and the most common size for ported 911 Turbo engines, as it is the limit to which the stock plastic CIS injector blocks may be ported
- 38mm = popular for high power, larger displacement Turbo engines
40mm = normal limit of CIS Turbo intake manifold and gaskets
- 41.5mm = 930 heads' intake ports enlarged to 3.2L Carrera specification

Example of tapered bore:
- 40mm bore at top tapering down to 32mm.  Engine's intake manifold ported to maximize airflow (i.e. airflow balanced & optimized by Extrude-Honing) but retaining stock cylinder heads for lowest labor costs (no cylinder head removal).

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