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Throttle Position Sensor Set - Early Models

Throttle Position Sensor Set - Early Models

  • $188.00

When converting your Porsche 930 Turbo to electronic fuel injection, the engine control unit will require an accurate input measurement of throttle position values to determine engine load.  Our kit offers an uncomplicated way of applying this sensor to the throttle-body without the need for machine operations.  The set includes a CNC-machined billet aluminum alloy mounting adapter and a new throttle plate bar and a highly reliable original equipment Bosch TPS sensor.

¬ Simple bolt on, plug and play installation
¬ Reliable, original equipment Bosch TPS sensor
¬ Supplemental wiring kits available 

1 Contact us for supplemental parts advice.
2 This part is also available in our complete conversion kit. 

911 Turbo : 1976-1985 

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