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Turbocharger : Borg Warner / Garrett Rebuild

Turbocharger : Borg Warner / Garrett Rebuild

  • $1,095.00

Blueprinted Turbocharger Rebuilding Services

If your turbocharger is leaking or simply worn out, you can send it to the experts here at TurboKraft.  Chances are the unit can be rebuilt for much less than the cost of a new replacement turbocharger! 
During the remanufacturing process, we often discover and report abnormal wear due to engine oil contamination or other problems. 
The industry has limited expertise in remanufacturing BW-KKK turbos, but our builder has been doing them over 30 years.  We have the tooling and resources to provide expert turbocharger rebuilding services. 

A typical complete rebuild on a Porsche 930, KKK turbocharger ranges from $795 to $1,095.

Call or email us for supplemental parts advice. 

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