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Turbocharger : Garrett GT35R (Multiple Versions/Options)

  • $1,795.00

Garrett GT35-R Turbocharger Features

  • Dual ball bearings – Fastest spool up, unmatched strength
  • High-efficiency turbine & compressor wheels yielding more airflow and less heat

These incredibly efficient turbochargers are rated up to 62 lbs. airflow and support up to 620 HP.  

Repeated dyno tests have proven the GT35R's boost response is far quicker than any K27 or hybrid "HiFlow" turbocharger.

Compressor Housings Options (Inch Units)

  • “E” Type Housing – Easiest installation into a 911 Turbo, 3.00 Inlet / 2.00 Outlet
  • “S” Type Housing – Greatest peak flow capacity, 4.00 Inlet / 2.50 Outlet
  • "RS" Ported Shroud Intake – Reduces compressor surge, 4.00 Inlet / 2.50 Outlet

    Polished finish available for all compressor housings (+$95)

Turbine H
ousing Options (Inch Units)

  • GT 4-bolt = T3 inlet / 3.0in 4-bolt outlet 
    - direct bolt on to your 911 Turbo exhaust manifold (same as K27/3LDZ)
    - closest fit to the factory 4-bolt outlet
  • GT V-band = T3 inlet / 3.0in v-band outlet
    - direct bolt on to you 911 Turbo exhaust manifold
    - standard 3.00 V-band outlet
  • Divided GT v-band = T3 divided inlet / Garrett stepped 3.0" v-band outlet
    (stainless stepped v-band flange & clamp available separately)
    fast response for twin-scroll applications
  • T04 inlet / 3.0in v-band outlet
    - greatest airflow capacity
    - standard 3.00 V-band outlet
  • Divided T04 GT v-band
    - fast response for twin-scroll, big HP applications
    - standard 3.00 V-band outlet
  • T04 divided inlet / Garrett stepped 3.0" v-band outlet 
    (stainless stepped v-band flange & clamp available separately)

    Ceramic coating available for all turbine housings (+$125)


Customer Reviews:

"Turbocharger response is excellent. Couldn't ask for anything more.  BTW, had it dyno'd after the exhaust and it made 350/350 hp/tq.  Quite a jump from 320ish hp and tq from before.  It starts to go lean above 5800 rpm so for now I don't go past 5800.  I need to tweak the WUR.  Before with the old quad tip borla and K27HFS, it would pull all the way to redline without going lean at all.  Quite a difference now."

Erik K., Lakewood, CA, USA  | 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3L


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