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Turbocharger : Garrett GT40R

Turbocharger : Garrett GT40R

  • $2,199.00

Garrett GT40R turbochargers feature:

  • dual ball bearings – fastest spool up, unmatched strength
  • high efficiency turbine & compressor wheels – more airflow and less heat
  • center bearing housing ports for coolant – water or oil
    (coolant ports not used on air-cooled 911 engine applications)
  • Turbine housing is cast from high-nickel "Ni-Resist" material for extreme applications – ideal for air-cooled applications

These incredibly efficient turbochargers are rated up to 63# airflow and support up to 730hp.  Incredible boost response, even on 7.0:1 compression 3.3L 930s!

Compressor housings:  ported shroud intake, 4.0in inlet / 2.5” outlet
Turbine housing:  T-04 inlet flange with 3.0" v-band outlet

Polishing and/or flow polishing available for all compressor housings.
Ceramic thermal barrier or cosmetic ceramic coating available for all turbine housings.

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