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TURBOCHARGER HANGER BRACKET -- fits all factory and T3 turbos

  • $89.00

Heavy duty stainless steel support bracket with hardware.

Works with all turbochargers that have an original size (T3) turbine inlet flange:
* original 3LDZ turbocharger
* K27, K29
* Garrett GT35R, GSX61, etc.  

Bracket supports the weight of the turbocharger and holds it firmly in position to prevent any movement which can crack the exhaust.  Guaranteed for life -- this bracket is extremely stout, you won't break one.

Replaces the awful turbo support bracket used on all 1976-94 models.  
If you are replacing the factory turbocharger with a different model, you no longer have to modify the factory bracket with cutting and welding -- bolt on this support bracket and you're done.

Why is the factory bracket awful?  Try removing and reinstalling a turbocharger that has one!  The fasteners are oriented at two intersecting angles, making it necessary to remove with the turbo as one large awkward assembly.  Sure, it's strong, but it is not the greatest design.

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