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Throttle Body for DBW / e-Gas / e-Throttle

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Electronic throttle body, a.k.a. DBW (Drive-By-Wire) / e-Gas / e-Throttle Body

Bosch 74mm throttle body with a bolt pattern compatible with the 1974-94 911 Turbo and 1984-89 Carrera (99mm PCD).
Dual potentiometer redundancy.  
OE on Porsche and other European cars.


Converting to electronic throttle control on
* 1976-94 911 Turbo
* 1984-89 911 Carrera 3.2L


Why use electronic throttle with your conversion to a programmable engine management system?
* fewer components -- the throttle body also does the job of the idle control/stabilizer motor, and the throttle position sensor
* ability to better fine-tune part-throttle drivability -- the software allows you to program in a progressive throttle opening so low speed / low rpm driving is smooth and controllable
* simplification -- eliminates complex factory throttle linkage systems, especially helpful on engine and/or transmission swaps

Note:  the intake manifold should be port-matched for best results

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